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Steam Around the World

'Steam Around the World' is the theme of the video collection from Belhurst Productions

In many parts of the world steam locomotives still operate on everyday passenger and freight trains, but such places are becoming rarer every year until all too soon it will be gone. Belhurst Productions endeavour to capture the remaining steam action wherever it can be found. Increasingly in many countries steam locomotives are preserved in working condition to operate charter trains creating the chance to see steam in action as it used to be. Many of today's preserved railways in the U.K. provide quality steam action offering an authentic experience to those who remember the heyday of the steam powered railway.

It's steam all the way in Australia, China, Cuba, France, India, Sri Lanka, the USA, Russia, Poland, Java, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, The U.K. and Germany with Belhurst Productions

Digitally filmed and mastered with Hi-Fi sound music and narration to guide the viewer whilst leaving the locomotives to speak for themselves on the soundtrack without interruption. DVDs are PAL standard, with NTSC available by request.

Steam All the Way
Belhurst Production  DVD On-line Shopping

Belhurst Production DVD On-line Shopping

See steam at work in Australia, China, Cuba, Germany, Poland, Russia, South Africa, the U.S.A. Ukraine, Zimbabwe and the U.K. with Belhurst Productions.

Digitally filmed and mastered with HiFi sound, music and narration to guide the viewer, whilst leaving the locomotives to speak for themselves on the soundtrack without interruption. We supply PAL DVDs as standard, or NTSC by request.

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16.45 / 18.92

DVD No. BH-308 - Running Time 50 minutes

Twenty Days in China starts with the steam locomotive repair shops at Mudanjiang where up to 15 locomotives per month are repaired and returned to their users. We visit Tumen on the border with North Korea, visiting the depot and witnessing the steam operations on both passenger and freight. A visit to the Heilong Branch sees JS Class locomotives fitted with smoke deflectors for operating trains on this steeply graded line. Traveling north to the Chinese border with Russia we focus on the famous opencast coalmine at Jalainur home to 59 SY Class locomotives. Mainline steam around Yebaishou was still busy in 1998 which we cover on the two climbs from this City. Lastly we visit the Chengde Steelworks branch.

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The Forty Mile Railway

The Forty Mile Railway

19.95 / 22.94

The Forty Mile Railway is the combination of both the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland lines, running from Caernarfon to Portmadog and then to Blaenau Ffestiniog. Our film traces the history of both lines through archive photographs, explaining why the railways were built. In the modern era the Welsh Highland Railway has been rebuilt, both it and the Ffestiniog Railway benefitting from the success of each other.

See both Railways described from end to end.Disc 2 features some of the many special events held, celebrating steam power on the narrow gauge, including visiting locomotives, as well as old favourites

See 'Lyd' at the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, gravity slate trains, Garratt articulated locomotives on the severe climbs through Beddgelert Forest and much much more.

Nearly 3 hours of all steam action.

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